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Cloud-hunter MICHALOUS lies in wait of air streams, grapping pieces of sky, shaping them, molding them, and baptizing them as aerosculptures. MICHALOUS is the first visual artist worldwide to bring in Art a nanomaterial of NASA, choosing to hunt with it skies and dreams…

His latest Art&Science achievement is Bottled Sky.

each BOTTLED SKY is…

… an artwork, result of a seven years research bringing to you a very expensive space substance (costs 4 times its weight in gold) used by NASA for collecting stardust.

… three artworks! First is blue when the background is black. Second is invisible when the background is white. Third has a golden hue shadow.

… the container of a cloud, unique in its form which can never be repeated. Thus you may collect even several Bottled Skies.

… an ecological bottled message addressed to all humanity warning on our threatened sky.

… an anti-stress pocket object offering you serenity and carrying you away from your everyday problems.

… a unique work of art signed by the internationally acclaimed artist MICHALOUS, thus its’ value keeps rising.

… the best gift to yourself and to your loved ones because its price is affordable to everyone.

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